Thursday, November 12, 2015

FC-31 Stealth Fighter to equip Chinese Air Force...

via Defense Tech...
What’s more, the FC-31 is apparently no longer simply intended for export, as the officials said talks were underway to supply the aircraft to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, the article states.
Hmmm.  Do you really think that we shouldn't be starting on a 6th gen airplane right now?  Even if it isn't superior to the F-35 it will be produced in more numbers.  It'll also be faster, fly higher, be more maneuverable and have better range.  The procurement model failed on so many levels.... the decision to not cancel it once it became apparent that the F-35 wasn't viable and then the appearance of stealthy fighters from Russia, China, S. Korea, Japan etc...all that and more shows that someone made a big goddamn mistake!

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