Thursday, November 05, 2015

Fox News Allison Barrie...either a useful idiot or willfully negligent...

Thanks to Bryan for the link!

Fox News should be ashamed.  This reporter simply passed along propaganda and provided no real information to the viewers.

So why did the program office go to one of their favorites for this fluff piece?

My take is that they're trying to rally support for the airplane.  I'm betting that they think they can wave the flag and middle America will fall into line.  Notice that they've brought back the "Air Dominance" bullshit too.

She ignored the costs.  She didn't talk about the delays.  She didn't mention the fact that the Chinese have stolen the planes "secrets".  She didn't explore any of the claims made by the F-35 program office.  She didn't care....she's in like Flynn and got to giggle while stars (generals) fawned over her.  Allison Barrie in this instance is either a useful idiot or willfully negligent.

SMSGT Mac always talks about hack reporters.  He should add this chick to his list (go back to dancing...Allison, you suck as a defense reporter).  See the whole thing here.

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