Saturday, November 28, 2015

Have we ever seen major combat in a modern big city?

I use the "initiation" cutscene from the Call of Duty:Advanced Warfare as a primer for the subject I'd like opinions on.

In this video game, the N. Koreans have invaded S. Korea and are hookin' and jabbin' with the good guys (the US) inside the city of Seoul.

Have we ever seen major combat in a modern big city?  Urban combat is well known as  a meat grinder for infantry.  We all know about the heavy fighting in Fallujah.  We know about the battles that took place so long ago in Stalingrad.  But how would a fight in New York, Tokyo, Moscow...or perhaps more likely in Manila, Nairobi, Alexandria or Cairo look like?

We have never seen fighting in a major city in this age.  In the past, entire divisions could be sent into cities and after a few hours or days they would cease to exist.  How would a much smaller Army or Marine Corps fare?

Note:  For all those that would like to point to Hue City, Seoul, Aleppo, Beirut, Panama City, Grozny or Mogadishu I counter by saying that those cities were not developed to the point that we see today.

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