Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I can't wait to read the French Special Op after action on the raid in Paris.

Monitoring the news and the fight last night sounds hairy as hell...

*  Police fired over 5000 rounds?  Oh and it wasn't a one way range so we can figure the terrorists added several thousand to this count.

*  Terrorist used suicide vests?  Heavily barricaded the door?  Wow.

*  After the fight the third floor of the building was starting to collapse???


That wasn't a police action.  That was open warfare in the suburbs of a European city of distinction.

Just wow.

Sidenote...I keep hearing that it was the French "RAID" unit that conducted the assault.  I don't know much about them so its definitely time to do some googling.

Sidenote 1...I wonder how long before there is a call for a "national" police force along the lines of the French Police Nationale...

Sidenote 2...I would love to read some of the alert bulletins that are getting pushed forward by the intel depts.  It never fails.  After a big miss like the attack in Paris, they pivot to the other direction and simply push everything forward no matter how dubious to cover 6.  I would bet body parts its happening now.

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