Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is ISIS launching a coordinated WorldWide event?

Thanks to Utahbob for the link!

via BBC.
At least 37 people have been killed and 181 wounded in two suicide bomb attacks in a residential area of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, officials say.
The bombers blew themselves up in a busy street in the southern suburb of Burj al-Barajneh, a stronghold of the Shia Islamist Hezbollah movement.
The Sunni jihadist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility, but there has been no independent confirmation.
It is the deadliest bombing in Beirut since the civil war ended 25 years ago.
Prime Minister Tammam Salam condemned the attacks as "unjustifiable" and called on Lebanon's rival factions to unite against "plans to create strife".
I didn't post on it but there was a suicide attack in Afghanistan.  The event in Paris.  Now this tragedy in Beirut.

Is ISIS launching a coordinated WorldWide strike?  If true then even my dire view of things needs to be reassessed.  I've said we need to drop opposition to the Assad regime and team with Russia to kill ISIS once and for all.

Put that thought on steroids.

How we allowed a terrorist group to launch a virtual world war against us is beyond me but its past time to face the reality.  What our "brains" in the civilian and military world have proposed is failing horribly.  Its past time to GET REAL!

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