Thursday, November 19, 2015

When has the USMC ever turned down a combat mission?

“It was not a test, it was a demonstration,” Dan Grazier, a former Marine and member of a government watchdog group said. “Pretty much they just wanted pictures of the F35 taking off an aircraft carrier.”
The Project on Government Oversight, otherwise known as POGO secured the results from Operational Test One through a Freedom of Information request. The detailed report admits the exercise was not a test because it did not mimic real life scenarios. Furthermore the results from Operational Test One found the F35 was not effective and could not be used in any type of limited combat operations.
Mandy Smithberger with POGO says if these jets are taken into combat, our pilots could be in danger. “The Marine Corps declaring the F35 ready for combat was merely a PR exercise.” Smithberger says ideally when jets are taken into combat they need to be ready to go about 80-percent of the time, during this test they were having trouble getting them to work 50 percent of the time.
“And there have been even new tests that have come out that say there are problems with the ejection seat,” she added. “Pilot under a certain weight are at risk of death if they try and eject.”
For Grazier his concern is also the pilots. He maintains because the Lightning II cannot fly enough to be tested, our pilots are at a disadvantage and their training will suffer. “I spent 10 and a half years of my life in uniform, I get no satisfaction in criticizing the Marine Corps,” he said. “These pilots are not going to be trained, god forbid they have to go up against an opponent, they are not going to be as good.”
But then we have this from Investors Business Daily...
While the F-35 is ready to for combat, it doesn't mean it will be used for this mission.
"The aircraft has the capability to deploy anywhere right now — including the Middle East," 1st Lt. Sarah Burns, a public affairs officer, wrote in an email to IBD. "With that said, the Marine Corps is maintaining a very deliberate timeline to ensure the F-35 introduction into the fleet is done safely and responsibly, thus unless absolutely necessary, the aircraft will not deploy until 2017."
Hmmm.  Someone is lying.

My question is simple.  The USAF is trying to kill the A-10.  The USMC has aircraft ready to go.

When has the USMC ever turned down a combat mission?  When has the USMC ever kept a piece of gear out of combat if it was ready to go?   This is an easy one.  NEVER!!!!  Additionally if the F-35 is all that its cracked up to be then the Combatant Commander would have to be a fool not to ask for it!

Its easy to tell who isn't telling the truth on this one.

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