Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Open Source is a VALUABLE intel source! UPDATE.

via Free Beacon
The Washington Free Beacon disclosed this week that the photographs were actually of an Oct. 30 test of one of China’s secret anti-satellite missiles.
Other weapons systems that first appeared online on Chinese websites either unofficially or with the backing of Chinese censors are:
The new J-20 stealth jet that was made public in late 2010 in what analysts say was a managed Chinese propaganda roll out. The jet was first flight tested during the visit to China by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who questioned Chinese leaders about the timing and was told the first flight was not intentionally timed for his visit.
  • graphic showing plans to build a military airstrip on Subi Reef in the disputed Spratly islands in the South China Sea, where a U.S. warship recently conducted a defiant freedom of navigation passage to Chinese maritime claims.
  • The new DF-26 intermediate-range missile first disclosed unofficially in September 2014 and officially made public during a recent military parade.
Story here.

Chest Thumping Time!!!!!


What we do here...What I hope that we do and why I love the tips from ALL MY READERS is because we're doing what some greasy haired bastard that's still a virgin, is worshipped by CIA/DIA intel heads and is being paid a boatload of money to do.  We're utilizing open source intel to get a better picture of whats going on in the world!

We're ahead of the curve.  We're not 100 percent right...but we're closer than many want to admit.  Stay the course gents.

UPDATE:  I failed to properly credit CANUCK FIGHTER with the link detailing the story about the real reason why the Israelis want the F-35.

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