Monday, November 23, 2015

Protolab PMPV 6x6

Thanks to Galvars for the link!

Finnish Protolab Ltd has developed a top-protected personnel transport vehicle for defense and crisis-management operation.
Protolab PMPV 6x6 is the manufacturer of the load-carrying capacity with mobility and competitive, but at the same time inexpensive multi-purpose vehicle with a strong mine warfare, a seat at sirpalesuojaus meet the modern crisis management requirements for the official use of defense and security.
- Started in 2009 and has progressed to now test drive phase, with the first prototype is driven road and off-road tests will tell Protolab Oy, Chairman of the Board of DirectorsJukka Kemppainen.
Here and another story with video here.

Remarkably good timing on this by Finish Protolab.  The  growth industry for at least the moment in defense/security circles is focused on domestic actions.  That means that MRAPs are about to become the "hotness".

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