Thursday, November 05, 2015

Russia's response to the airliner bombing? I'm guessing a Tu-160 attack!

NOTE:  Bryaxis fixed this post for me.  Originally I talked about a TU95 strike.  Right thinking, wrong airplane.  He suggested a TU-160 which is spot on in every way.  Right plane, right vehicle to demonstrate Russian global reach, and the right visuals.

We know that ISIS planted a bomb on a Russian airliner in a heinous (as if there is any other kind) act of terrorism.

So I ask again.  How will the Russians respond?

Russian Special Ops?  I don't think so.  Its not public enough.  The Russian people want blood for blood.  We aren't hearing "nuanced" talk about how they should understand that Islam is the religion of peace.  From my stroll through the Russian blogosphere, the only thing I'm seeing is a desire on their part to bathe in the blood of their enemies.

Cruise missile strikes don't send the right message either.

That's why I'm betting a heavy bombing raid from Russian territory by TU-160s.  Why does this sing to me?  Well it demonstrates the global reach of the Russian military.  It shows that retaliation will be swift and devastating.  Finally it once again separates the Russians from the US/EU.  No half measures on their part.  They will strike and strike hard.

That's my guess but one thing is certain...the answer will come quickly.

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