Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Saudi Arabia/GCC send even MORE armored vehicles to the Yemen front...

via Emirates24/7.
Arab coalition forces sent more armored vehicles to the Southwestern Yemeni town of Taiz on Monday as part of ongoing reinforcements in preparations for a final offensive to eject the Iranian-backed coup rebels, a Yemeni news network reported on Tuesday.
Four armored vehicles roared into the city on Monday morning to join other vehicles and military equipment sent by the coalition, which is led by Saudi Arabia and comprised of the UAE and other Gulf and Arab countries.
Masdar Press said the latest dispatch would support positions by the national Yemeni army and resistance as the clock begins ticking for the final battle.
It said the Houthis and their allies continued to shell the besieged city from their positions on hilltops on Monday, adding that the shelling targeted civilian areas.
Yemeni Vice President and Prime Minister Khalid Bahah told a Saudi TV channel on Sunday that the battle for Taiz would not be affected by UN peace moves and that the city would be liberated with days or weeks.

Meanwhile, more Sudanese troops arrived in Yemen to join the coalition forces fighting to end the coup and restore the legitimate government.
Military sources said the new batch, the second sent by Sudan which is a member of the coalition, would be deployed in areas assigned for them. They said the first batch, which arrived on October 22, was deployed in Aden to support operations by the coalition and national army in maintaining security.
Mutated terrorist/rebel groups are now a part of the modern battlefield.  The days of flying in and assaulting lightly armed groups is over.

Now?  Now you could fly in and face the equivalent of a infantry mechanized brigade just waiting to slice and dice your raid before they even touch down.

The world has changed but the concepts haven't.  We need to fix that with a quickness.  Lastly its interesting that the UN is becoming more and more irrelevant.  Both sides are basically ignoring the world body and acting in their own interests.

With another tropical storm hitting Yemen that country is in for a rough ride.  This will not end well for either side.  Whoever wins here still loses. 

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