Monday, November 09, 2015

Saudi Arabia/GCC shift forces from the ISIS fight over to Yemen?

via Sputnik.
Heralded by the Obama administration for their role, "flying side by side with American fighter jets in the campaign's early days as an important show of solidarity against the Islamic State," these allies, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Jordan, have since "shifted most of their aircraft" to fight the fledgling Houthi government which took power in Yemen last September.
Ok.  You know my stance on getting information from a variety of sources and then SIFTING through it to sort the truth from the propaganda....but if this is true....if Saudi Arabia/GCC are shifting their airpower from the fight against ISIS to the conflict in Yemen then we need to ask some very serious questions.

Why do they view the Yemen fight as more important?  Why do they consider the threat from ISIS to be "lesser" considering all the geo-political implications of them being successful?  Or to boil this all down...WHAT THE FUCK!

Yeah.  We need independent confirmation of this.  Then we need an explanation (if its true) from the Western Govts (from the US, UK, France, German, Poland...the entire EU since they're being affected by the refugees flooding into their nations).

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