Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The rescued SU-24 pilot talks about Turkey...

Thanks to BaneBlade for the info!

via Fortruss Blogspot...(the SU-24 pilots words)...
"Since today Turkey does not exist for me any more... in any shape or form... I want to explain why... Our planes have been shot down in Afghanistan, Chechnya, South Ossetia, in many conflicts... But they were struck by the enemy, in battle... you shoot at him, he shoots at you, it's understandable... and no matter how bitter the losses, for me, a military pilot, it was normal - there is no war without losses and we, the military, were prepared for this... But today... It is TREACHERY and infinite HYPOCRISY, when you declare yourself an ally in the fight against absolute evil, and yourself stab in the back those who most actively fight against this evil... And do not talk about crossing the border, whether it happened or not, this is all meaningless ... professionals will understand, and will not argue... SNEAK attack from behind a corner... this is it ... not for nothing they sing: "We don't need Turkish shores"..."
Uh.  Wow.  Those are the words of a man that's ready to deal some serious pain.  There is no forgiveness, just rage.  This guy won't give any quarter to even an injured foe.

If this is the feeling of the Russian populace (and from my swing thru their blogs it is) then trouble is coming.

Putin will have no choice but to strike, strike hard and make it visible to calm the crowd.

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