Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This is why the Turks shot down the Russian fighter...this war is a quagmire....

Thanks to Julian for the link!

via Daily Sabah
government has called for a U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss attacks on Turkmens in neighboring Syria days after Ankara summoned the Russian ambassador to protest the heavy airstrikes on Turkmen regions in the war-torn country where DAESH has no presence.

About 1,700 people have fled the mountainous area near the Turkish border as a result of fighting in the last three days. Russian jets hit the area in support of ground operations by Syrian government forces. Sources on the ground report that in addition to some 3,000 regime troops, some 4,000 members of the Shiite Liwaa Zulfiqar militia, around 1,000 militants from the Marxist Alawite group Syrian Resistance, led by Turkish-born MihraƧ Ural, are participating in the military operations.

God!  I wanted to clean up my language on this blog but FUCK!  This thing is a goddamn quagmire.

Thanks to Julian's link we get a better picture of Turkish actions.  The Russians were pounding the hell outta Turkmens in Syria that are participating in action against Assad and Turkey responded by aiding them.  Personally I wouldn't doubt that they're as twisted as ISIS but this makes things a bit clearer.


The Turks have lost their fucking minds.  This was stupid.  They're playing an extremely dangerous double game that will see them sitting on the ground gasping for air from the gaping chest wound that Russia will deliver.

Many think this is going to lead to nothing.  I disagree.  World Wars have started over less.  Do I think WW3 is starting?  Not yet, but I do think that we've seen the opening shot of a major regional war going from cold to hot.

UPDATE: s300v4 put this pic up.  Long story short?  The Russians are doubling down and blowing the fuck out of the Turkmen.

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