Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turkey is only concerned about the Kurds...everything else is a distraction.

Thanks to Ronald for the link!

via BBC
A prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer and rights activist has been shot dead in Diyarbakir, south-eastern Turkey.
Tahir Elci was killed in a gun battle between police and unidentified gunmen. Two police officers also died.
He had been making a statement calling for an end to violence between the Turkish state and the Kurdish rebel group the PKK when he was shot dead.
 Ok.  The Turkish scheming is crystallizing for me.  ISIS, the US, and Syria are just sideshows for them.

They only care about crushing the Kurds.

I won't even take the time to try and research the history for this animosity.  I'm sure its ancient, doesn't make a damn bit of sense in the modern era and I would probably find it best.

Regardless.  All the countries that France is putting together for their REAL anti-ISIS campaign need to come to one realization.  Turkey is destroying Europe (through illegal immigration coming thru their borders), abetting ISIS and playing hardball because of the Kurd threat (in their minds).

With this comes my next epiphany.  Russia will align with the Kurds to play a part in their "payback".  I'm betting that's what Turkey really fears and I think those fears will come true.

One last thing.  Turkish intel/security trade craft is pathetic.  This assassination was sloppily done.

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