Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkmen in Syria are reaping the whirlwind...poor bastards are getting pounded...

Thanks to s300v4 for the link!

Interesting.  This stuff isn't popping up on Russian defense websites.  This is coming from rebel groups in Syria.

From the few vids I've seen its obvious that the Russians are pounding the shit out of these poor bastards.  Yeah.  I can have sympathy even for enemies when they're getting hit that hard....well...a little sympathy anyway.  Personally I can't imagine being subjected to that type of barrage.

Sidenote to all proxies/potential proxies.  Never become the focus of a power play.  You might be protected at first but can be jettisoned at any time.

Its obvious that the Turks have decided not to push the issue...or they can't.  Either way the Turkmen are in a hurt locker.  From my chair it appears that everything has stopped and they're the main focus of Russian operations.

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