Wednesday, November 11, 2015

USMC F35 Pilot talking to ALIS Tech Support (dark humor)..

Courtesy of InvaderNet, a long time reader!

"Hello ALIS Tech Support, how may I help you?"
Marine: "My F-35 won't let me take off, what the hell?!"
"Have you tried turning it off and on?"
Marine: "Yes! It still won't start!"
"One moment please, I'll check it's computer records"
Marine: "....."
"Hmm, sorry it seems your gun.exe file is corrupted. You'll need to reinstall your software."
Marine: "I'm in the middle of the goddamn Hindu Kush! How can I possibly download 100Gb of software?!"
"I'm sorry, you'll need to find somewhere with a good connection. Can you get to Kabul?"
Marine: "No I f**king can't go to Kabul! There's about 5000 Taliban in the way!"
"Are you able to fly to Kabul?"
"One moment, I'll get my supervisor."
This is all fun and games now...but the risk is real.  How many work arounds are we going to accept?

Kill it now, like we should have at least 5 years ago and let's do this right.  Oh and let's follow Greenert's advice.
If you're wondering why I'm focusing on the F-35 its simple.  This one program has so warped the DoD's procurement AND its warfighting concepts that its become a greater danger to the US and its allies than China, Russia, N. Korea and Iran (combined) could ever be!

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