Thursday, November 12, 2015

We're delaying the ACV and buying a plane that needs to be fixed after we get it????

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I'm waiting for an answer to whether or not the ACV is being once again delayed like the little birdy that landed on my window sill is claiming.  If it is then WTF!  You know the culprit and so do I...the F-35.  But do you know, or rather do you remember this info bomb that the Program Office dropped on us?  via Defense News...
"So when we have those 493 airplanes out in the field in 2019, guess how many will be in what I consider to be the right configuration? Not a one," Bogdan said. "Every airplane coming off the line now and coming off in the next two and a half years, plus all the airplanes we've built already, will need some form of modification to get them up to the full capability that we promised the war fighter."
Each aircraft confined to the depot for modification is one less plane the services can use to train pilots and maintainers, Bogdan emphasized. This is a particular problem for the Air Force, which must meet certain training requirements in order to declare IOC in 2016.
To address this gap, the JPO is sending field teams to do F-35A depot work at the bases, rather than bringing the jets to the depots, Bogdan said. This saves time on the front and back end of the process, allowing the maintenance teams to move the jets through modifications more quickly.
The Air Force also may be able to borrow Navy and Marine Corps planes, or even jets from partner nations, to complete some training, Bogdan said.
"The biggest constraint to the mod program right now other than money — because it costs an awful lot of money to do that — is can the service, can the partner afford to keep the airplane down that long without their pilots flying?" Bogdan said. "So we have to try to balance that."
This plane is WRECKING the USMC's budget.  Its just not fucking worth it!

Sidenote:  Only the US Govt...and now the United States Marine Corps would ever consider buying something brand new with the knowledge that it doesn't meet specifications!  Can you imagine buying a brand new Ford F-150 Raptor 4x4 with the knowledge that the transmission needs to be fixed and the dashboard displays don't accurately tell you your speed?  Simply Amazing!

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