Saturday, November 21, 2015

Word play and the refugee crisis...

I've been in a running debate about the refugee crisis in Europe.  Many of my readers are asking me if I believe my lying eyes.

I've seen video after video of the refugees in Europe and my eyes instantly note that most of these people are male, fighting age and in some cases hostile.

So why the debate?  Because I've called the refugees Syrian.  I constantly state that the Syrian refugees flooding into your country is an issue.

They then hit me with what they think is their trump card.  "Most of the Syrian refugees are women and children"!

Its bullshit.  They're drilling down on a minor quibble.  The people flooding into Europe are from the Middle East and Africa.  They're economic refugees...and they're mostly fighting age males.

I now know why I find some political arguments so tiresome.  Both sides know the issue but one side is being disingenuous.  In this case its the people that are stating that their is no problem.

You people know better, locked on to one minor point and  use to push your flawed point.  Sickening.

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