Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An open, honest debate about Islam (vid)

Thanks to Sarabvir Singh for the link!

I don't think that Obama is a Muslim, I don't think he's a manchurian candidate, I don't think that Michelle is a transvestite (where the fuck did that meme come from) and I don't think that he's out to destroy the country.

I do think that he's idealistic, misguided, unwillinging to compromise and is desperately trying to shape his legacy at the expense of doing what is needed in the here and now.

The problem?  The thing that has me spinning?  This terrorism thing can freeze the economy.  It can cause an over reaction by the public that will set into motion a terrible series of events that will alter the course of history.  If World Wars have started over the assassination of one man then what could happen if we see a Paris or Mumbai attack in LA,  New York or another major American city.

This terrorism threat is deadly serious and we're still behind the power curve.

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