Monday, December 14, 2015

Assad's brother on MSNBC Morning Joe...quick & dirty rundown...

I might not have this right, but I was listening to Assad's brother on MSNBC's Morning Joe talk show (ya gotta get intel on the enemy...oh and trust me...if you're a gun guy you better take a valium, they'll have you punching walls!) and he basically confirmed what alot of people are saying here.

He talked about Syria being one of the most diverse states in the Middle East and that Christians, Muslims and other faiths lived and worked together in peace before the Arab Spring.

Additionally he said that there is no hope for a real peace.  He blamed the US administration for brokering a ceasefire, but excluding the Kurds (that explains the rebels getting bused out of Homs)...he talked about how the Turks shot down a Russian plane and now they have S-400 missiles, more fighters and subs launching missiles.

In short he said that the best that could be hoped for is a lull in fighting, but that his brother would remain in power.

You guys are gonna hate me, but I could EASILY live with that.  Let's get with Russia, and bomb ISIS back to the stone age.  Set up a joint no-fly zone over Kurdish territory in concert with the Russians/Syria, and somehow figure out what we're gonna do with a misbehaving Iraq and a resurgent Iran.

No boots on the ground needed.  The "rebels" fighting Assad would be left on a short limb (being actual and factual...I don't trust those guys and believe we're on their to do list) and the Russians/Syrians can deal with them how they see fit.  We can destroy  ISIS in a couple of months with airpower alone.  They're a division sized force operating in the open desert.  For some reason, we don't want to.

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