Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Blackwater Mercs take their first hits in Yemen...including an Australian national killed...

Thanks to MicMac for the link!

via The Guardian
An Australian mercenary has reportedly been killed in clashes in Yemen, alongside six Colombian troops.
Guardian Australia understands the Australian commander was named Philip Stitman. The world needs to know about Yemen’s war. But journalists are being silenced.  It’s believed he was employed as a mercenary by the United Arab Emirates to lead Colombian fighters against the Houthis in the country’s south.
Local media reports said six Colombian soldiers under the Australian’s command had also been killed. They were reportedly advancing towards the al-Amri area in the heavily contested Taiz province, in Yemen’s south-west.
The mercenaries, including the Australian, were fighting with the private military contractor Blackwater, the reports said.

This is gonna happen again.  The only good thing is that the Houthis don't appear to have the same "lust for torture" that the ISIS animals do.  But I expect to see more Westerners killed before its over.  The money is...decent...not compelling enough in my opinion to risk it...but many will jump at the chance.

 What would really be interesting is if Prince decides to dip his toe in the Syrian fight.  That would REALLY attract a bunch of people.  I wonder how desperate the Saudi's are? 

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