Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blast from the past & future threat. USS Torsk Photo Album.

Bow view of USS Forrestal CV-59 taken through Torsk's periscope

Details from Captain Edwards:
"The pictures were taken during a Med deployment in the Fall of '63 or Spring of '64.
Torsk was opposing a transit of a large task force. The carrier CO and the Screen 
Commander insisted no green flares (simulated torpedo firing) were sighted and no screen
penetration had taken place. When I produced the photos, both just about wet their pants.

Pretty impressive feat by the crew of the USS Torsk.  But if you think that something like this couldn't happen today you'd be wrong.  We have all heard the stories about Russians, N. Koreans and allied subs of all types getting to within torpedo distance of our carriers sailing in the middle of a so called "protective screen".  Now you can add the Chinese to the list of people that are practicing destroying our carriers. via News Max...
The Free Beacon notes that although the incident occurred during the weekend of Oct. 24, the Obama administration has kept the details of submarine targeting under wraps "to avoid upsetting military relations between the Pentagon and the People's Liberation Army."
Although Adm. Harry Harris, Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, did not deny that the incident occurred, when asked via email about it, he side-swiped the question stating, "I have nothing for you."
"I cannot discuss submarine operations, reports of submarine operations, or rumors of submarine operations," added Pacific Command spokesman Capt. Darryn James. "I can tell you that we are completely confident in the effectiveness and capabilities of the ships and aircraft of the forward-deployed naval force."
Unfortunately Capt James is full of shit.  The US military needs a back to basics movement.  The past threats are now the present and future problems.

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