Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Carter Hits Gulf Allies for Prioritizing Air, Not Ground, Forces

via Defense News.
"I'm going to be very candid with you: Many of the Gulf States weigh air capabilities, air forces and so forth over ground forces and special operations forces," Carter said.
"If they want to — as we would wish them to — wield more influence in the Middle East and do more to secure this part of the world in which they live, they're going to need to do more of that on the ground," he continued. "Buying our airplanes is fine, and we provide them, but when it comes to ground forces and special operations forces, there is no question they need to build those forces and wield them."
"They frequently complain to me, for example, about how capable the Iranians are, to which I say 'yes, and you're not in the same game, an effective game on the ground,'" he said.

Mr Sec how about you fix your own house first before you complain about what others are doing!  The USMC is headed down the road of being aviation centric, the F-35 is raping the defense dept and even the US Army is buying more helicopters...all while we're shedding ground combat power.

Simply amazing.

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