Thursday, December 31, 2015

China building 2nd aircraft carrier...

Defense Ministry Affairs, Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun Colonel A reporter asked. China Military Online reporter Li Aiming photo
  DOD routine press conference held in the afternoon of the 31st, Defense Ministry Affairs, Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Yang Yujun said that China's second aircraft carrier being built in Dalian, displacement of about 50,000 tons level, the use of conventional power devices.
  Reporter: Can you tell us about the situation on a second aircraft carrier, for example, where it is built? How its basic technical and tactical performance like?Including supporting the equipment situation?
  Yang Yujun: I understand that the carrier is designed entirely by China's own conduct, are being constructed in Dalian, displacement of about 50,000 tons level, the use of conventional power plant; carry domestic J-15 aircraft and other models based aircraft, fixed wing Aircraft flying leaps the sliding mode; the ship will be equipped with various types to meet mission needs equipment. A second aircraft carrier design and construction of the absorption of the "Liaoning ship" scientific research and testing and training of useful experience in many aspects of the new improvements and enhancements. Future about relevant developments aboard the aircraft carrier construction, we will be released. (Reporter Ren Xu)
China continues to work on building a credible, effective blue water Navy while we continue to obsess over Counter Insurgency type operations (from the air, land and sea).

The capability gap is closing rapidly and no one is paying attention.  What is a fair comparison?  China at this point in time rivals the former USSR that had the US Navy training non-stop to defeat.

Consider this.  China has long range maritime aircraft (both manned and unmanned).  It has Fast Attack Missile Boats.  It has hundreds of quiet subs (something we don't practice against as much as we once did).  It has long range fighters....but mostly it has long range anti-ship missiles.

We label everything these days as being "expeditionary" other words all our fights are "away" games.

Does anyone believe that we can win a fight in China's backyard?  Can we win that "away" game?

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