Thursday, December 17, 2015

DNP. This is the stuff that the DoD should worry about! Forget the Jacked-3d nonsense.


This is the stuff that I would tell anyone that asks about "extra special supplements" to avoid without hesitation and will tell them that they're taking their life into their hands if they use it even one time.

The DoD has a habit of following the latest trends at the MCX and then getting hot and bothered when they see a hot seller.  That's what they did with Jacked-d and basically got a creatine derivative off the shelves.  While they're doing that they're ignoring the real monsters in the room.

Want to know why I'm doing a public service announcement and constantly rant about how potent and deadly this stuff is?  Check this out....
For those familiar with cars or trucks with manual transmissions, or with motorcycles, DNP essentially works like keeping the clutch slipping all the time. The engine (the mitochondria) may be putting out a lot of power, burning gas rapidly, and generating a lot of heat, but much of the power is not getting to the wheels. Instead, it’s going into heating the clutch. Obviously, one ordinarily slips the clutch for only short period of time. But with DNP, the “clutch” (proton gradient) of the cellular machinery is made to slip all the time. The result? A lot of heat production, and a lot of fuel burned. And not that much energy actually making it to productive use.
More specifically speaking, DNP induces proton leakage from the mitochondria, causing them to have to burn more fuel to yield the same amount of ATP in the cell, or even perhaps less ATP than normal.
If that doesn't convince you that this concoction is hell on wheels then check out what else they say....
Large or even dangerous increase of body temperature, intense sweating, yellow bodily fluids, lethargy, water retention, insomnia, hunger, nausea, dehydration, electrolyte depletion, shortness of breath, reduction of insulin production, and reduction of T3. Frequency of these side effects is about 100% except, for example, frequency of nausea might be only about 25%, and dehydration and electrolyte depletion are avoidable.
 This is from a website called THINK STEROIDS...they'll give you the low down on anything you could ever consider taking and even they warn people away from DNP.

I talked to a guy that took this stuff cause-- he wanted to be ripped for the summer and didn't think that the standard (for those in the community) of Test with Winstrol and maybe with a bit of Tren wasn't good enough (why it wouldn't be is beyond me....if you workout you're gonna be making crazy gains and cutting fat like its nobody's business...add Tren to the mix and you better have PCT set ahead of time cause you're gonna shut down natural T production).

He took this shit and told me that even sitting at his desk doing paper work was a kick in the ass.  He was constantly changing shirts because he was sweating so much.  According to him and he might have been exaggerating but nights were even worse.  He would literally have to change the sheets twice a night and even sex turned into not only a sweat fest from hell but he was too gassed to perform!

He was only taking 400mg at his max dose....supposedly some people double that amount!

Stay away fellas!  This ain't for us.

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