Thursday, December 10, 2015

F-35 Opinion Meter...via Save The Royal

Interesting.  Note where they place the US Navy, Netherlands, Israel, Canada, S. Korea and Japan.  Also noteworthy is the placing of UK Armed Forces Commentary Blog and Information Dissemination.

My point is this.  The big naval power boosters are all lukewarm or neutral at best.  That should make everyone pause.  The true supporters of the airplane are all air power and/or SOCOM zealots (to include portions of the USMC).  Anyone that sees a major conventional war with a peer opponent is worried about the plane's performance.

I guess that's what it all boils down to.  If you see small wars as being all the future holds then the F-35 is the best thing going.  If you think a major dust up is in the offing then you're scared shitless.

NOTE:  Let me explain the airpower/SOCOM zealot theory.  Certain think tanks in the US believe that those two components will be all that the US and our allies need to dominate the battlefield into the future.  That view has gained traction among our allies.  The nations in the Pacific region seem to know better and are moving at breakneck speed to upgrade across the board.  That's what I mean.  The European powers that are embracing the plane fall into the airpower/SOCOM concept of operations.  It's cheaper than building capable ground and naval forces.

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