Friday, December 18, 2015

F-35's at Steel Knight. Did they even drop ordnance?

I've had a chance to read the press releases...I've watched the videos...but I haven't heard a thing about the F-35s dropping ordnance at Steel Knight.

It IS a live fire exercise so this should have been a given, but there is nada on it.  Why not?  The USMC made headlines and the fan club has been hitting us over the head about the F-35 reaching Initial Operational Capability.

Dropping bombs at an exercise should be a given.  Quite honestly I'm having trouble with the logic.  We're flying Harriers against ISIS and if they can get their hands on one of our pilots then its gonna be a public relations disaster.

If the F-35 is so superior why not have it moving sand and micro fragmenting terrorists in the Iraq/Syrian deserts?

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