Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Factual lies against Trump's poorly rolled out plan.

If you ever wonder why I hate to engage in debates on this page it's really simple.  I despise people putting words into my mouth, attempting to infer some type of  mood and the attempts to depict me as being "excited" when I'm anything but.  Quite honestly I've taken to just blocking those type of people.

But it's the same time of dishonest gamesmanship that is being used against Trump.  It reminds me of debates with American Mercenary.  Talk about twisting simple statements so hard that they were no longer recognizable!

Well Trump is facing that now.

What happens if you stop immigration from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Northern Africa...or demand that people from those lands undergo detailed vetting before they're allowed into the country?

You're in essence doing what Trump calls for yet you can label it as being aimed at nations involved in or hubs of terrorism.

Trump is getting hit because he didn't play the Washington word game.  Its a pity.  I'm not sure I'll vote for Trump but the rest of the field leaves me cold.

The Republican elite by teaming with the Democrats to beat up Trump on this issue is only guaranteeing Hillary Clinton gets the White House.

The so called conservative elite are idiots.  They're giving it all away and this will not be forgotten.

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