Wednesday, December 23, 2015

French Defense Chief heads to Moscow... ready to unite with Russia against ISIS.

via Sputnik.
The French military chief is currently on a visit to Moscow to discuss joint fight against Islamic State (Daesh in Arabic).
"I think it is time to join our efforts in fight against Daesh, Nusra Front, against terrorism…We have a common goal," de Villiers said during talks with Chief of Russian General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov.

I've been thumping on the table, yelling at the walls saying that we should unite with Russia in the fight against ISIS.  I've counseled that Syria is a side show and that Assad is not a threat.

Seems like the French are thinking the same, and is for all intents and purposes giving Washington the middle finger.

This was predictable.  This should have been expected.  This is common sense. I am only left to wonder how history will judge our civilian and military leadership.  I don't think they'll be kind.  We will see historians wonder how the leaders of a great country could have gotten so much so wrong.

NOTE:  Make no mistake about it.  Putin has achieved another diplomatic victory.  He is separating Europe from America on foreign policy.  You'll hear French diplomats talking nice, and downplaying the visit but make no mistake about it.  The fucking Russians have outsmarted our guys again...but why should we be's not that hard to do.

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