Monday, December 21, 2015

French Rafales may conduct combat ops from US carriers...via Navy Recognition.

via NR
French Navy (Marine Nationale) Rafale M carrier-based multirole fighters may conduct combat missions against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria from a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier as soon as January 2017. The information comes from French TV channel TF1 (video in French). According to TF1 this subject was discussed between US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and French Navy Rear Adm. Rene-Jean Crignola, Commander Task Force (CTF) 50.
This cross decking is the most insane, stupid, asinine, useless, misguided, moronic idea that I've heard of in a long time.

What is the utility, the combat effectiveness, the benefit for the war effort that this represents?

You can't name one!

USMC MV-22's operating from Brit carriers is pathetic!  We have a ship tied up dockside to support F-35 testing and complain that we don't have enough amphibs?  We're killing our forces with an artificially high ops tempo pushed by a combatant command cadre that is out of control with its request for forces!

Lastly there are more than enough available land bases for French aircraft to fly from.

The Pentagon is so locked into courses of actions/concepts that they don't realize that they're silly.

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