Saturday, December 12, 2015

Friday's losses were bad..historically Mon will be a bloodbath..

Thanks to Super Rhino for the link!

This is a follow on to the economy being strange post I did earlier.

Fri saw a 300 point drop, and if history is prologue then Mon will be beyond nasty.  Cramer says to sell.  I say you're probably already late.  The players in the market were taking money off the table by the second on Fri, so you're just catching a falling knife.

Does that mean stay the course?  Yeah.  Stand pat and when the inevitable rally hits midweek or even the following week, then you act to get out of bad positions.

My advice?  If you're not a day trader then get out of this thing....pick your spot and get out....its unwinding while we speak and the "little guys (yeah, if you're upper middle or lower then  you're a little guy) are gonna get crushed.

This is pure "bro science" do what you think is best.

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