Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hybrid warfare on steroids. Rebels fire ballistic missile at Saudis...successfully intercepted.

via Saudi Military Press Release.
Riyadh, Rabi'I 11, 1437, December 22, 2015, SPA -- In a statement on Monday, the command of the coalition of supporting legitimacy in Yemen announced that at about 11 and a half on Monday evening, December 21, the Saudi air defense forces intercepted a ballistic missile which was launched from Yemeni territories towards the city of Jizan.
The air forces destroyed the rocket launch platform whose location was identified within the Yemeni territories.
The coalition command made it clear that while it is keen to deal positively with the Yemeni government's request for an extension of the truce, the continuation of the Houthi militias in their absurdity will push the command of the coalition to take harsh measures to deter such acts.
This is hybrid warfare on steroids.

Rebels are not only using basic infantry skills to successfully blunt Saudi advances but they're also using advanced weaponry in the fight.

The idea that the rebels can attack with ballistic missiles should be alarming.  The fact that they're able to fight to a standstill an advanced client state should send shivers up the spine of Pentagon planners...especially those that are pushing the partnership meme.

What must also be considered is the fact that terrorist groups are displaying the same capabilities as conventional forces.  Wait you're saying.  I just said that when I said they fought the Saudis to a standstill.  Nope, you're missing the force of connection here.

The problem is this.  Special Operations Forces are good.  They even have their own mafia and fan club on the internet.  But everyone forgets the truth.  You don't send Special Ops against a decently trained conventional force.  Special Ops are vulnerable to conventional forces....and now terrorists groups are starting to show the signs of morphing into conventional forces!  The Special Ops raid of the past might be fading right before our eyes.  We've already seen a growth in unit size from platoon equivalent to now Ranger type battalion sized ops.  

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