Friday, December 04, 2015

Japan has a unique and seriously jacked up culture...

A buddy sent me a note saying I had to see this wrestling clip to believe it.  Instantly I knew he wasn't talking about Greco-Roman wrestling and more the WWE style.

I turned it on and when I saw it was Japanese I knew it was gonna be insane.
What happened next had me asking myself what the fuck I had just seen and sending a e-mail to this former friend (just kidding) to inquire if he was smoking crack!

 In all seriousness though.  The Japanese have a unique and seriously jacked up culture.  The sexual innuendo that is rampant there is something that I could never quite wrap my head around.

To each his own I guess.  It makes one wonder though.  If you think Japan is wild (and it is) then you should check out some of the shadier sides of Thailand.  Moving around the globe there are dozens of spots that are on the hot list for sexual "holidays" as the Brits call it I (I understand Kenya is extremely popular).

Anyway.  A little craziness for your Friday...oh and supposedly this vid is breaking the internet.

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