Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lockheed Martin F-35 propaganda is all about economic benefits...combat capability is now an afterthought!

Just plain wow.

The above vid is a bit of Lockheed Martin propaganda on the F-35.  The stunning part?  They aren't even talking about the plane's combat capabilities anymore.  The "juice" is in the business plan.  To be precise they're talking about the economic benefits associated with the plane.

The burning question in my mind is how can this business plan even make one ounce of sense?  They have manufacturing or assembly subcontractors in so many countries that we have to be paying a premium on redundant manufacturing costs.

But back to the combat capabilities of the airplane.  I can see a future Commandant of the Marine Corps playing the part of Vivien Leigh and the Lockheed Martin President playing the part of Clark Gable.

The future CMC asks the LM President to tell him/her what to do with the regard to the F-35's lack of performance.  The LM President turns and says....

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