Saturday, December 19, 2015

MGunz of Corps Strength nails it!

via Soldier Systems
As a Marine and life long gun guy, I do my best to get to the range on a regular basis. Plus as a citizen that carries a Concealed Carry Weapon, I feel it’s a serious responsibility to keep my skills up, not just for my sake, but for those around me. Depending on what shooting I go to several different ranges in my area, both outdoor and indoor. Shooting is very popular down here, not that it’s not in other places, but the fact we have decent weather year round and very little restriction on gun ownership (good thing), the ranges are almost always crowded.
In these crowds you’ll see a wide range of different types of people. People shooting hunting rifles, home defense folks, skeet shooters, men, women and kids of all ages and different ethnic groups. A wide range of skills and experience for sure but overall good people. With that there is one group that always shows up (in larger and larger numbers as of late) and I’m sure you’ve seen them; the camo down, geared up, military style guys. I’ve seen this group at ranges all over the country and within the law people are free to do what ever they want and I would be the last one to try and tell free people what to do with their time and money.
However one thing that you notice with this group other than the obvious fact that they’ve spent a lot of money on gear and weapons is that most (not all) are way out of shape.
Read it all, over at Soldier Systems but its why I harp on fitness.

Do just a little and I mean a little bit of research on fight physiology and you'll end up like me.  How do these guys even expect to survive their own body's reaction to the stimulus its gonna pump out when in a fight situation if they're 100 pounds overweight?

That's a quick way to figure out if someone is really serious about self defense or if they're just doing the male version of barbie.

This is a must read and pretty timely.  We're heading toward the new year and I've already adjusted my schedule to late night/early morning workouts cause of all the new jacks that will be showing up.

Unfortunately for them I only have to do this for about a month before we're back to normal traffic flows but if you're serious and you really want to make a change then now is as good a time as any to get it done!

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