Sunday, December 27, 2015

Operation Chastise...when the Royal Air Force became Eco-Terrorists to win the war....

Via Wikipedia (here)
Operation Chastise was an attack on German dams carried out on 16–17 May 1943 by Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron, subsequently publicised as the "Dam Busters",[1] using a specially developed "bouncing bomb" invented and developed by Sir Barnes Wallis. The Möhne andEdersee Dams were breached, causing catastrophic flooding of the Ruhr valley and of villages in the Eder valley; the Sorpe dam sustained only minor damage. Two hydroelectric power stations were destroyed and several more were damaged. Factories and mines were also either damaged or destroyed. An estimated 1,600 civilians drowned: about 600 Germans and 1,000 mainly Soviet forced-labourers. The damage was mitigated by rapid repairs by the Germans, with production returning to normal in September.
Before you go high and to the right, yes!  Yes the attacks were militarily necessary and they did help win the war.

But it was also what many would label today as Eco-Terrorism.  Chew on that.  The celebrated Royal Air Force no. 617 Squadron, The "Dambusters" that is handpicked to be one  of the first RAF units to get the F-35....mainly because of the GREAT PUBLICITY from this one military action are in fact the same group that almost flooded an entire country!

The point is simple.

The Brits and allies were playing to win.  They had already suffered attacks on their populations and were determined to use every bit of their include their brains to win the war as quickly as possible.

No excuses were made.

They did not default to the  notion that Nazism was an ideology and that it would take 20-50 years to defeat.  They sought to defeat the forces in the field and then everything else would be taken care of when necessary.

Fast forward to today and wonder why we aren't doing the same with radical Islam.  Next up?  How 5th column members were dealt with.

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