Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Russians destroy terrorist anti-air system. Wait! What?

via Russian Military Technologies Facebook Page.
December 30 - Russian air group in Syria has destroyed an Osa air defense system the terrorists had captured from the government army earlier, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov has told the media. According to the official, the Russian group learned from the information exchange centre in Baghdad that the Osa system, captured from the Syrian army, had been moved to an area near Damascus. After that intelligence identified the camouflaged ferroconcrete shelter housing the complex. "A Sukhoi-34 bomber was used to attack the target. A direct strike with a BETAB-500 air bomb eliminated the shelter and the equipment inside," Konashenkov said.
This is interesting.

I don't recall reading reports of the terrorists having anything but man portable anti-air missiles.

How did we miss this and what else do they have that we've not been told about?

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