Sunday, December 13, 2015

Russians fire warning shots at Turk fishing boat...

NEWSER) – A Russian destroyer fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing boat Sunday in the latest tensions between the two nations, reports Reuters. Russia's Defense Ministry says its warship, the Smetlivy, was just trying to avoid a collision with the unnamed vessel after repeated attempts to warn it over the radio and with what the AP calls "visual signals and flares" failed; the fishing boat changed course quickly after the Smetlivy opened fire, but the two ships came within about 600 yards of each other. Moscow has summoned the Turkish military attache in the incident, which took place in the Aegean Sea, about 14 miles off the Greek island of Lemnos, notes Sky News.
I just don't know anymore.

It seems like a little hard work, a little good faith and a little compromise could clear up all the nonsense regarding the fight against ISIS, the Turks acting stupidly and the made up refugee crisis.

But no one seems to actually want to solve this problem.  Everyone is playing an angle.

No more handwringing at SNAFU! over the slow motion disaster that is the Middle East.  It's morbid but the only thing we can do is watch in awe....we're in awe of the stupidity and gamesmanship that's going on.  The wannabe "masters of the universe" and the "smartest guys in the room" are anything but.

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