Monday, December 14, 2015

Saudi Arabia is getting smashed in Yemen...what do we call an insurgent force that uses ballistic missiles?

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via Press TV
Yemeni forces have managed to kill over 80 Saudi-led troops, including 42 Blackwater mercenaries, in a ballistic missile attack in the western Bab-el-Mandeb area.
The Yemeni army, backed by popular committees loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement, targeted a Saudi military headquarters in the Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta’izz with a Tochka ballistic missile on Sunday night, Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah news website reported.
Twenty-three Saudi, nine Emirati, and seven Moroccan forces, including a number of commanders, were also killed in the attack. Other reports said the attack left nearly 150 casualties among the Saudi-led forces.
The surface-to-surface missile also destroyed two Patriot missile systems, three Apache helicopters, more than 50 military vehicles, all belonging to the US Blackwater Worldwide security services company. The report added that two Saudi warships were damaged while fleeing the incoming Katyusha rockets that were fired spontaneously due to the missile impact.
Elsewhere, a Yemeni ballistic missile, named Qaher 1, hit a regional airport in the Saudi region of Jizan. There were no immediate reports of possible casualties and the extent of damage inflicted.
Meanwhile, a Yemeni army spokesman said the forces killed some 20 Sudanese mercenaries in an attack on Yemen’s southwestern province of Lahij.
Yemenis carry out these attacks in retaliation for Saudi strikes, launched with the aim of undermining Houthi Ansarullah movement and bringing back to power the country’s fugitive former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of Riyadh.
The headline is that 80 Saudi troops including 42 mercenaries were killed....they're missing the bigger issue.   Insurgents, rebels, whatever you want to call them are lobbing ballistic missiles like float riders in a Mardi Gras parade tossing beads.

This is new (at least to me...I don't recall rebel forces being this well equipped/powerful).  We're seeing insurgents stand up to nation state military forces and winning.

Company Landing Teams dropping into this type of combat is craziness.  Even a MEU would be hard pressed.  Take it a step further though.  How would even the 82nd Airborne if fully deployed deal with a foe having this type of firepower?

All of the assumptions being made to deal with a more volatile world are inadequate.

Forward based troops to prevent events from spiraling?  Bogus.  If that was the case then the Middle East should be calm and Africa wouldn't be about to implode.  Looking at the Pacific, with the array of forces we have there, China should be contained...the reality is they're anything but.

Its time to get a handle on concepts/policy.  Put the Combatant Commanders back in a cage (the idea that they can request forces and disrupt rotation/dwell time is stupid in a handbag...they're tasking our units to exhaustion).  Lastly we need to reconstitute our Rapid Deployment Force packages.  The world has gone from messy, to dangerous and is now chaotic.

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