Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sonnen said something was off with the McGregor fight...he was right.

Sonnen called it.  This should have been a great fight.  Instead you had Sonnen midweek talking about how each fighter didn't seem like they wanted to be there.

The knockout (so sorry for you guys that paid) isn't the alarming part.  I'm not even fired up about Aldo not speaking english for his interviews.  It's the body language that each fighter exhibited before the fight that alarms.

So who is the real big winner in this fight?  Sonnen as a fight analyst.  The MMA was as real as it could get.   The idea of having an undisputed champion for years at a time is silly in combat sports.  The best in the business will get beat on any given night.  Rousey's loss isn't a show stopper that some believe.  It's the sport being the sport and that's why the UFC is the loser.

I'm really getting the vibe that we're seeing king making going on.  That's bad for the sport.  A one punch knockout of Aldo just seems wrong he's too good a fighter for that type of non-sense, has shown too much grit in previous fights.  The UFC  is the big loser because the calls that fight fixing is going on is gonna grow louder.

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