Friday, December 04, 2015

Why won't the President/Feds call the California incident a terrorist attack?

via The LA Times
A senior federal government official told The Times that Farook was in contact with a small number of suspected extremists. There are also indications that the 28-year-old gunman communicated with at least one person who is currently being monitored as a potential terror suspect, the source said.
Farook's connection to the potential terror suspect may only be tangential, the source said, but the link suggests there may be a "deeper terror matrix" behind the San Bernardino shootings.
The reality? We're looking at an intel failure.

The worry?  We might be looking at a couple of active terrorist cells in the LA area.  But if you think that's something check this out.

So the President isn't sure that this was a terrorist attack?  Every American that is paying attention knows that this was a hit.  The real question is why are the Feds slow walking the declaration of the California shooting being a terrorist attack?  Additionally they are being aided by the news media in calling this a mass shooting incident instead of what it is.

The cynic in me thinks that this is about Obama wanting to push his gun control agenda.  But the tactician in me thinks its about more.  The Democrats are desperate to hold onto the White House and have dreams of picking up the Senate.  What happens if the American people lose confidence in their party?  What happens if no one trusts them to do the most basic of govt functions...preventing terrorist attacks (God knows they have all the tools necessary...monitoring of citizens is at an alltime high)?

ISIS is fighting a war.  We're playing politics.

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