Monday, December 07, 2015

The first Female Ranger School grads were pencil whipped...

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via People
Way back in January, long before the first women attended the Army's elite Ranger School – one of the most grueling military courses in the world – officials at the highest levels of the Army had already decided failure was not an option, sources tell PEOPLE.

"A woman will graduate Ranger School," a general told shocked subordinates this year while preparing for the first females to attend a "gender integrated assessment" of the grueling combat leadership course starting April 20, sources tell PEOPLE. "At least one will get through."

That directive set the tone for what was to follow, sources say.

"It had a ripple effect" at Fort Benning, where Ranger School is based, says a source with knowledge of events at the sprawling Georgia Army post. "Even though this was supposed to be just an assessment, everyone knew. The results were planned in advance."

On Tuesday, PEOPLE revealed that Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell had asked the Department of Defense for documents about the women who attended Ranger School after becoming concerned that "the women got special treatment and played by different rules," sources say.

Ranger School consists of three phases: Benning, which lasts 21 days and includes water survival, land navigation, a 12-mile march, patrols, and an obstacle course; Mountain Phase, which lasts 20 days, and includes assaults, ambushes, mountaineering and patrols; and Swamp Phase, which lasts 17 days and covers waterborne operations.

But whereas men consistently were held to the strict standards outlined in the Ranger School's Standing Operating Procedures handbook sources say, the women were allowed lighter duties and exceptions to policy.
Why is this old article (Sept of this year) important?

Because it gives an indication of what we can expect throughout the US military when it comes to training.  If the US Army will lower standards and "pencil whip" graduates thru the Ranger School then no MOS or billet is safe.

If you know a young man of character or potential, do him a favor and warn him away from service in the armed forces.  You will do him justice...especially now.  This will not be easy and MANY careers will be ruined while the military does the bidding of the USNI Blog, Haynie and other feminist overlords that lurk in the halls of the Pentagon.

If you're currently serving then don't be fooled by the generous bonuses that are being paid.  They're doing everything possible to keep the boat spaces filled after shafting so many others.  Put in those retirement papers, start your EAS process as soon as you can.  You too can be a victim because this will be fast tracked and the last thing you want is to get dinged at the end of years of faithful service.

To the military leadership.  You failed at war, you failed your troops, you failed the nation and now you've failed the Corps.  There is a special place in hell for the likes of you.

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