Thursday, December 03, 2015

The reality of why gun control...even tightened background checks will never pass under Obama...

I was watching coverage of the terrorist attack in California and the issue turned away from this insider attack back to particular gun control.

It will never happen under this President.  The reason is really quite simple.  The games that the President and his democrat colleagues played after Sandy Hook.  Let's take a trip down memory lane, with a quick down and dirty.  The tragedy hit and the President started talking about gun control.  Senator Diane Feinstein got with her allies in the ATF and drew up a plan to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban.

The push was on and it took a hellacious push by the Gun Owners of America, note that the NRA was on the verge of rolling over.  But the effort to reinstate the AWB was killed.

Then stepped in the traitor Senator Joe Manchin and he put forward a bill to increase background checks.  That too was defeated and many people wondered why.  It was really very simple.  We saw how things played out in California. The gun control zealots started off with background checks to get their nose under the tent.  Next thing you know we see magazine size limitations, a de facto state ban on assault weapons...essentially the most rigorous gun laws in the US.  On top of all of this we see a competition in liberal states to see who can pass the most restrictive laws possible.

For those of us that live in free states (yeah...the irony of that is both personally ironic and chilling...many of the first "gun control laws" were aimed at freed blacks) we've seen the playbook and will not be fooled.

Until the govt shows a bit of competence and until trust is restored, it will be impossible to pass any form of gun control.  The current President is too polarizing an individual for a compromise to happen.

The only thing this push is going to do (and it will fail) is to spur more gun sales.

Side Note:  Lets go into fantasy land.  Lets say that a gun ban is put in place tomorrow.  Can you imagine the black market that will pop up?  How about the mass public disobedience that will happen when calls to turn in your weapons are ignored?  This is the USA not Australia or Britain.  I know I would ignore the call to turn in my gear and would  bet money that they wouldn't be able to track me down (ok they probably could but that's alot of door to door I'd lie my ass off and say that I sold them and then dig them up once the authorities left).  The perfect utopian world that the gun grabbers want just can't happen.  At least not  in my lifetime.

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