Sunday, December 06, 2015

The son of a bitch is calling for more gun control...

Wow.  I was so wrong.  This is a big bunch of nothing speech.  He's talking about banning people from buying guns on the no fly list?  Obviously he doesn't know that it has more than 40% false positives!  There is almost no way to get your name OFF the list if you've been falsely accused and the criteria to get on it is getting looser everyday.

He talks about the Visa Waiver program.  Well guess what!  Its gonna no longer matter.  More people are coming in on refugee and immigration programs.

Oh and last.  This bastard is talking about the backlash against Muslims.  This is turning out to the be the highlight of his speech.  Not talking about what he's gonna do to safeguard the homeland.  Nope.  The main part of this speech is "the backlash".  Simply fucking amazing.

The same talking points we've heard since the shootings being spouted from the Oval Office.

I don't know why I expected better but I did.  He disappoints again.

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