Friday, December 04, 2015

The strange vehicle in the California terrorist attack? It was an Armored Deployment Platform!

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The Rook, a converted Caterpillar track loader with rubber tracks, cameras, joy stick controls and gun ports, is armored to NIJ Level IV specs– capable of withstanding hits from .30-06 M2 armor-piercing rounds.
It uses an Armored Deployment Platform to allow officers to be pushed to the scene of an incident or, if needed, boosted to up to 11 feet to a second floor of a structure, all while behind both cover and concealment.
As noted by the manufacturer, “In a vehicle takedown, the platform can also be slanted downward so shots can be fired into a car without endangering pedestrians or other passersby.”
Simply amazing.  I saw this a few years ago but quite honestly dismissed the company as a fly by nite that wouldn't get the time of day.

Little did I know.

Good work by to puzzle this together.  I noticed this vehicle but didn't know what I was looking at (we did have an aerial view so I'll use that as my excuse).

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