Wednesday, December 09, 2015

This restores my faith in some churches.

Full disclosure.

I've quietly been having a serious case of heartburn.  The reason is because you have all these church charities.  Instead of looking around their city, county or state at the people close to them that need help, they've joined efforts to bring people into the nation from war torn states.

The heartburn comes because people that they pass by everyday are struggling yet instead of helping them they decide to go the high profile route and do the politically correct thing.

This church is doing it the right way, but that goes to the core of what's wrong with our country and why I think that we're headed to a serious meltdown.  CITI predicts that the chances of a recession next year at 65% likely.  China isn't getting any better.  The middle east is melting down and arms sales to that region is brisk.  Gas is down but oil producing parts of the country are already in a hurt locker.

And then we have the threat of terrorism.

We've talked on these pages of what happens to countries that have been ravaged by war for over a decade.  Drug use booms and people start treating life as if its cheap.  But what happens to a developed country when its been in economic trouble for over a decade, been waging war for as long and tensions across the board are increasing?

Yeah.  The Christian church in the US has enough problems at home without trying to save some souls across the seas.

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