Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ukrainians buying Kozak-2 Armored Trucks...who's advising these guys?

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via Army Technology.
The Kozak-2 is a 4x4 multi-purpose, wheeled, armoured combat vehicle designed and manufactured by Ukrainian defence company NPO Practika to meet the mission needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the Border Guard Service.
The vehicle is intended to offer enhanced security for the Ukrainian troops. It can be configured for patrol / reconnaissance, mobile command post, ambulance, cargo / repair / maintenance, and special operations.
Full disclosure.

Have you wondered why the Ukrainian conflict has faded from these pages?  Its not because stuff isn't happening because it is.  As a matter of fact word is that we're on the cusp of another round of fighting.

Its because the Ukrainians appear to be some fickle allies.

Basic stuff that should be done to get their population and their economy on a footing where its fighting for survival...as many would like us to believe....just isn't happening.

We're seeing various military projects that are aimed at outside markets instead of strengthening their own defenses, they have a battalion of Neo-Nazis fighting on their side and I have yet to see a unified commitment on their part to deal with the situation head on.

Half the population seems to be siding with the Russians and half seem to be wanting to fight them till the end.  Meanwhile I see profiteers making a killing with the Russians in the reclaimed Crimea.

This is another fuzzy war.  I'm having trouble picking sides when the govt itself doesn't seem to take the fight seriously.  Wake me when its over.

NOTE:  More rumors of war...click here.

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