Tuesday, December 22, 2015

US Army chooses Kongsberg MCT 30 turret for its Stryker Brigades.

Thanks to Nidar for the link!

via E24
We are in the early stages and we have now been informed that General Dynamics has chosen our system, but we have not signed any contract yet, says Espen Henriksen, CEO of Kongsberg Protech Systems (KPS) to E24.
Kongsberg Gruppen, which KPS is a part, announced Monday that General Dynamics has chosen KONGSBERG 30 millimeter medium-caliber weapons station to Stryker vehicles (Medium Caliber Remote Weapon - MCRWS).
General Dynamics is not just anybody. The American company is one of the world's largest defense group.
This is a breakthrough for Kongsberg Gruppen since this appears to be the first order the company gets on the new weapon station, called MCT 30, given that everything goes as planned.
If there was just a little flex in the budget and the USMC was a little bit more forward planning, we could mount these on AAVs and later retrofit them to our future (waaaaay in the future) ACVs.

Regardless.  The US Army made this happen with uncharacteristic (for the Big Army) quickness.  I'm surprised.  Those new Russian armored vehicles must really have them spooked.

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