Wednesday, December 16, 2015

US Army General gets 500K fans with one decision...

I didn't talk about it but should have.  Suffice it to say that a US Army 4 star got about 500K fans on the basis of one decision...a decision that some Army dogs are saying is career threatening.

He decided to take Bergdahl to Courts Martial for desertion and a slew of other charges.  What makes this so special?  How is this an example of moral courage in the General Officer ranks?  Well from what I can gather from the Army specific blogs (they really don't do Blogger or Wordpress...they all seem to like hanging out on have to wade thru a ton of porn, x4 and gun pics but you eventually get to what they're saying) they thought the guy would get a slap on the wrist when General Abrams got the recommendation that he be released from duty with time served.

In other words (according to the Army sites) Bergdahl's case moved from being about Army discipline to politics.  With that in mind many thought that the General would be a political animal instead of a warrior concerned about the force and the example that the decision for leniency would set.

Remember when American Mercenary was blogging?  He predicted that Bergdahl would get off easy.  So did I.

I'm glad we were wrong..

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