Thursday, December 17, 2015

US Special Ops lands in civilian marked aircraft in Libya...are promptly expelled!

Thanks to Max for the link!

photo via @oryxspioenkop Twitter page.
The story?  It goes a bit like this (Max's note)...
On 14th December, a Dornier 328 (or a C-146A, if you prefer), owned by the 524th Special Ops Sq, civili livrey, and civil marks (11-3097 serial number and N307EF register), landed in the al-Watiya Libyan Air Foce base.
On board there are some 20 SOF guys.

Apparently the Libyan authorities were not aware (and not amused) of this arrival and simply send them back...
The Libyan Air Force released thge info and some images as well, and today, they appeared on the main Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.
Wow.  The stench of incompetence is starting to be found on our "elite" warriors.

UPDATE:  Click here to get a "tick tock" on the flight route of this unmarked Special Ops flight.  Origin and return destination?  Stuttgart, Germany!  I'm not up to speed on Special Forces Groups but isn't that 7th SF territory?

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